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Poster: kristinmak Date: Aug 28, 2015 11:38pm
Forum: texts Subject: Jeff- More Spam;sort=-reviewdate

Link to Reviews of new titles:

Virtually every new posting here are creatively inserted SPAMs, titles are used to get users to "Click Here For Download!"

they are reviewing their own SPAM, or having shills post 4 star reviews

The only reviewed item on page that is not spam was my review of Ports 2002 (infrastructure images of US ports from 2002)
the rest is just garbage spam

I don't see how workers need be "alerted" to this abuse, one need only visit the page, it is chock full of spam uploads.

These are non-English speaking web visitors, who have come to take advantage of our American style of culture, which is "leave nothing but footprints" yet have not only left plenty of garbage in their wake, but have offended our good nature by using a free resource loved by all, to litter it with a scheme so they can profit off of it.

Another example with link:

even the "reviews" are links to more spam

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